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Our Story

Founded in Addis Ababa in 1993, Press Digest started as a weekly publication, in English of news, comments and features in the Ethiopian Press. For the last 30 years, it provided its readers, who were mainly the diplomatic community and expatriates working in international organizations and transnational corporations and foreign NGOs in Ethiopia, with a digested and abridged version of what the private, government and party papers were saying. In its news coverage, PD also utilizes what the accredited international media say about Ethiopia.

When Press Digest started 30 years ago, a spate of publications as many as fifty news papers and over ten magazines flooded the streets of Addis Ababa and regional cities and towns. An average of two magazines and four newspapers proved a challenge even to the avid Ethiopian reader. How about the thousands of diplomats and international personnel in Ethiopia who would wish to know what was going on in the country? It was at this point in time that it occurred to a group of three people to launch an English language digest. PD thus became the bridge builder across the language and information gap, and thus turned up to be a pioneer of a new genre of journalism that presented a condensation, in English, of news, comments and features, thus growing up to be an all-papers-in-one of the Ethiopian press. As the years went by, PD’s weekly publications served as an archive for reference purposes to our subscribers, researchers and others who follow the political evolution of Ethiopia.

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