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A survey of the Ethiopian print media since 1993

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Latest political news on Ethiopia & the Horn of Africa from many news sources both local and international.


Topics such as economic trends, policy announcements, market movements, business & investment news, and more.


Stay informed about social issues and developments, as well as to gain insight into how different cultures manifest themselves.


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A reliable source of information and a powerful tool for researching the latest news on Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. It helps keep readers informed and engaged in the current affairs of the Horn of Africa.

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Girma Beshah



I‘ve been reading Ethiopian Press Digest since 1993 and it has kept me well informed on matters political, business, and social. I‘m sorry I won‘t have the punctuality of a motor courier delivery, but I‘m glad I can still stay up to date with the latest news and developments by browsing ET Press Digest’s website.

Hailu Araya



I find Ethiopian Press Digest, a weekly publication in English, to be a vital source of current news and views from the Ethiopian media. It‘s easy to read and convenient to file for later reference.”

Sam Vender Ende

NGO Head in Ethiopia


In my 15 years stay in Ethiopia, Ethiopian Press Digest was my weekly guide that helped me understand this intricate country and the sophisticated way of thinking of the Ethiopian people.

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You ask, we answer

If you can’t find answers on our FAQ’s, feel free to contact us by clicking here

We are a small team of independent media based in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, who is concerned about the future of news regarding our community. We are not funded by either government or politically affiliated media companies. Unlike other news websites, ours does not use advertisements for monetization. We are supported by our subscribers who care to be informed about their country.

Thus, on the 30th year of the existence of Press Digest, our paper has turned digital. That is because, apart from our paper’s long time subscribers in Ethiopia, we want to reach out to the Ethiopian diaspora outside of Ethiopia. We think that if they are presented with diverse perspectives, on what is taking place in Ethiopia, they can analyze and arrive at their own impartial conclusions about events in their country of origin.

Ethiopian Press Digest carries digested news items condensed in the form of TIDBITS drawn from the entire spectrum of the print and electronic media. Though eminently a digest, as the name indicates, PD never overlooks the need for an indepth look of the major events of the week in its politics and economic sections, but in their abridged form. Everyday, we survey the print and electronic media about Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. Not all papers and electronic media are, however, up to standard. Nor are all the “news” we painstakingly glean across news worthy. We, therefore, coldly disregard items we consider as nugatory or even dis-informative. The news and views items published in the Ethiopian Press Digest are thus drawn from media outlets we judge to be worthy of our attention as sources of balanced information.

The news on Ethiopian Press Digest is updated regularly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We have a monthly subscription of $9.99 and a yearly subscription of $47.99. Both have same features.

Ethiopian Press Digest draws from a variety of sources, both local and international. Ethiopian News Agency,  Mereja, Zehabesha, BBC, The Nation, The Ethiopian Herald, CNN, All Africa, etc to name a few.

We also publish the statements of opposition political parties in the Amharic page of our website.

Yes, Ethiopian Press Digest is a reliable source of information. All news is sourced from trusted and verified sources.

Technology is revolutionizing the way news is shared and who gets to share it. It creates space for diverse ideas, but it also amplifies polarizing views. There is a sense that the common ground on which we stood has been shaken. These challenges aren’t new, but they have been accelerated by a few key factors.

Unlike the days of print, online distribution allows news organizations to specialize and still maintain a wide reach.

Social media intensifies the problem with manipulative algorithms. These platforms are designed to devour your attention. The longer they keep you on their feed, the more they can maximize advertising dollars. And because it feels good to have your bias confirmed, these algorithms send you down a rabbit hole, instead of providing you with information you might disagree with. 

We created the Ethiopian Press Digest to address these challenges, to make it easier to compare diverse perspectives, so that you can arrive at your own conclusion.

If there is an issue with your purchase, you can fill the form in the “Contact” page or email us at “support@etpressdigest.com.